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Unleash your inner Picasso with MyPicasso Mobile Painter. It is a handy sized smart-phone with powerful processing unit capable of running intensive drawing and painting apps. Use it as a smart-phone for social media interaction, or as a jot-it-down tool during lectures or meetings. And of course, draw and paint in a cafe even when your A4 sized sketchbook is left at home :)

MyPicasso Mobile Painter Smart-phone

  • 1 x Refurbished Samsung Note II (32GB)

    1 x Samsung Note II S Pen

    1 x Original Samsung Note II Battery (3100mAh)

    1 x Screen Protector attached to Samsung Note II (free)

    1 x Huntkey Adapter (SISIR Approved)

    1 x Garmin charging cable (20cm) 

    1 x USB LED light (free) 

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